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So you want to be a paid MC?

Before you apply, it would be good to know what we are looking for:


The ability to do a clean 10-15 minute set. Does not have to be G rated, but cannot be worst than PG-13. Even if the headliner is dirty, we prefer the MC set to be cleaner, and if we know you can do a clean set it gives you more opportunities. 


There is nothing wrong with R-Rated/blue comedy, it is just not what we want for our MC sets.


We also are looking for comedians who are easy to work with. Who are polite to staff. Who will not be intoxicated on stage. And who are willing and eager to learn the MC announcements


MC’ing is very important because customers paid $20-$40, and you are their first impression of the show. You set the mood and the tone for the entire evening. It is a difficult position, and not for everyone. 

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